Why is nostalgia ultra not on spotify? (2024)

Why is nostalgia ultra not on spotify?

Because of the Eagles' legal action, Nostalgia, Ultra is still unavailable on Spotify, even a decade since its release; it is considered one of the most famous and acclaimed albums not to be accessible on the streaming service.

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Why is Nostalgia, Ultra not released?

Writing on his blog, Ocean was unequivocal: "Nostalgia, Lite is never coming out." The decision to bin the project comes just weeks after the singer revealed a legal tussle with the Eagles, whose song Hotel California is sampled on the song American Wedding, a standout on the mixtape.

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Is Nostalgia, Ultra on streaming?

Nostalgia, Ultra is a minor work from a major artist who works best when he doesn't have to act like a major artist. The album is minor by default. It's free to download, and was never reissued. It's not streaming on Spotify, and thanks to that whole Eagles thing some of the tracks are even hard to come by on YouTube.

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Where can i stream Frank Ocean Nostalgia, Ultra?

Nostalgia Ultra - Album by Frank Ocean | Spotify.

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Why aren't all of Frank Ocean's albums on Spotify?

His discography on Spotify is incomplete, and I know that a lot of people would like to have access to all of his albums. The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artists and their music label. If the music is unavailable, the artist or their music label may have decided to not make it available in Spotify.

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What happened with Nostalgia, Ultra?

In May 2011, Def Jam announced its plans to release the mixtape as an EP on July 26, 2011. However, the release of the EP was indefinitely delayed in July 2011 and has since been cancelled.

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Did Frank Ocean make money from Nostalgia, Ultra?

It is a seven minute-long remake of “Hotel California” by the Eagles, on which Ocean laments the state of love in America. Following the mixtape's Tumblr release, Eagle's member Don Henley threatened legal action, despite the fact Ocean had made no money from the record.


What albums are not on Spotify?

Albums Not Available on Spotify
11.22-Pistepirkko Bare Bone Nest (1989)
22.108 Threefold Misery (1996)
33.10,000 Maniacs Secrets of the I Ching (1983)
44.Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Have You Seen the Other Side of the Sky? (2006)
121 more rows

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What Artists aren't on tidal?

Artists Not On Tidal

Lily Allen, Marina & the Diamonds, Mumford & Sons, Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie and music producer Steve Albini have all spoken out against Tidal; however, their music can all be found on the streaming service.

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Why is Season of Glass not on Spotify?

Yoko Ono – 'Season Of Glass'

Yoko Ono's collaborative efforts can be found on Spotify but not her own individual projects. 'Season Of Glass' was her first album after the murder of her husband. His presence is everywhere throughout the album, yet never explicitly mentioned.

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Why is Frank Ocean Nostalgia, Ultra not on Apple Music?

Nostalgia, Ultra, Frank Ocean

A common reason that sample-heavy albums aren't on streaming services is clearing the rights for said samples. That's the case for Frank Ocean's 2011 debut mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra.

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Is Nostalgia, Ultra released?

On February 16, 2011, Frank Ocean released Nostalgia, Ultra as a free mixtape to an unexpecting world.

Why is nostalgia ultra not on spotify? (2024)

What car is in Nostalgia, Ultra?

Cars also serve as one of the most visceral, evocative forms of nostalgia — look no further than the cover of his 2011 mix tape Nostalgia, Ultra, which features an image of an orange BMW E30 M3 from the 1980s.


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