Who is the strongest witch in witchcraft works? (2024)

Who is the main character in Witchcraft Works?

Witch Craft Works

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Does Takamiya have power?

Honoka Takamiya is the male protagonist of the story, he is basically a weakling with no special powers and lives a very boring life, he often was about to bullied by Ayaka's fan club members but only for Ayaka to fend them off and willing to kill them.

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Who is the white princess in Witchcraft Works?

Evermillion (エヴァーミリオン, Evamirion), fully named White Princess Evermillion (白姫エヴァーミリオン, Shirohime Evamirion), is an entity of unknown origin sealed inside Honoka Takamiya. She is addressed as the White Princess by various characters.

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Is there romance in Witchcraft Works?

Basis of the anime series, Witchcraft Works is a romance comedy where magic and supernational powers shape the lives of a handful of high school kids.

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Who is the evilest witch?


Bellatrix is hands down the most evil of all witches. Not only is she evil, she's a complete psychopath. She is, of course, from the Harry Potter series. Bellatrix is a Death Eater and loyal to a fault to Lord Voldemort.

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What is the true power of Shido?

Powers & Abilities

Shido has the mysterious, and unique ability to seal the powers of the Spirits into his own body, which was first discovered sometime in the past when Kotori was turned into a Spirit. To use his ability to seal a Spirit's power, the Spirit in question must meet a certain condition or requirement.

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Does Reine become a Spirit?

When she turned Origami into a Spirit, she used her desire to obtain power to defeat the Spirits who killed her parents. As a spy, Reine doesn't appear to like the codename given to her by Ratatoskr, as seen by her displeased reaction when Shido called her by it.

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Does witchcraft work end?

Witchcraft Works, written and illustrated by Ryū Mizunagi, was serialized in Kodansha's seinen manga magazine Good! Afternoon from March 5, 2010, to February 7, 2022.

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Who is the queen of witches?

Aradia has become an important figure in Wicca as well as some other forms of Neo-Paganism. Some Wiccan traditions use the name Aradia as one of the names of the Great Goddess, Moon Goddess, or "Queen of the Witches".

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Who is a red witch?

There's only one Game of Thrones character who has been around long enough to appear in House of the Dragon: Melisandre, the Red Witch. You may remember her for her many prophecies, her hand in bringing back Jon Snow from the dead, and her iconic scarlet wardrobe.

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Is The White Queen a witch?

Throughout the series the Rivers women, including Jacquetta (Janet McTeer), Queen Elizabeth (Rebecca Ferguson) and Elizabeth of York (Freya Mavor) all practice witchcraft.

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What is Takamiya power?

As a normal mage, he has shown that he is capable of using a broom for flying. It is also implied that Evermillion powers was so powerful that she could recover the destroyed Tougetsu City, and she could boost Honoka's intelligence and magic. This was because of three out of five seals are broken within Honoka's body.

Who is the strongest witch in witchcraft works? (2024)

What is an endless witch?

As the Endless Witch, Beatrice has the ability to control life and death and can revive and kill people as she pleases using the Endless Magic. She can also repair damaged objects and served as alchemical advisor to the Ushiromiya family, rumored to be the one who gave Kinzo the ten tons of gold.

What is a whisper witch?

Whispering Witch is a member of the Hanged Men and supposedly Dead Kel's lover. She is not only a powerful mage, but also a skilled fateweaver.

Is the White Witch evil?

The White Witch is, perhaps, your typical witch. The Witch is evil to the core, without even a hint of goodness within her, which we can attribute to her not being human. Although the Witch claims she is human, she is actually part giant and part Jinn. The Witch is merciless, cruel, power-hungry, and sadistic.

What is the White Witch known for?

She eventually usurps the throne of Narnia, using her magic to cast the land into perpetual winter. Her most feared weapon is her wand, whose magic is capable of turning people into stone. The petrified remains of her enemies decorate the halls of her castle.

What is the name of an evil witch?

Maleficent. Speaking of evil witches, Maleficent is right up there on the list. Considered one of Disney's most iconic villains, Maleficent recently returned to prominence with the 2014 film Maleficent. It was followed by Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in 2019.

Who is the king of the witches?

Simon, King of the Witches. Witch-king of Angmar.

Who is the first witch?

Bridget Bishop ( c. 1632 – 10 June 1692) was the first person executed for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials in 1692.
Bridget Bishop
Bishop, as depicted in a lithograph
BornBridget Magnus c. 1632 Norwich, England
Died10 June 1692 (aged c. 60) Salem, Colony of Massachusetts
Cause of deathExecution by hanging
5 more rows

Who are the most powerful wizards and witches?

Most Powerful Wizards in the Harry Potter Universe, Ranked
  1. Albus Dumbledore. Image Via Warner Bros.
  2. Voldemort. Image Via Warner Bros. ...
  3. The Founders. ...
  4. Gellert Grindelwald. ...
  5. Minerva McGonagall. ...
  6. James and Lily Potter. ...
  7. Remus Lupin. ...
  8. Sirius Black. ...
15 Aug 2022

Who is Shido girlfriend?

Tohka Yatogami

He was the one who gave Tohka her name, based on the day of their first meeting, April 10th. Shido cares very deeply for Tohka, as shown on many occasions, always going out of his way to make her happy and teach her the ways of the world.

Who is the wife of Shido?

Shido Itsuka. Tohka has very strong feelings for Shido, and eventually comes to realize she loves him. As he was the first person to ever truly accept her for who and what she is, and gave her a name, Tohka has become deeply attached to Shido, expressing great comfort and happiness whenever in his presence.

Is Kurumi good or evil?

Kurumi Tokisaki (in Japanese: 時崎狂三, Tokisaki Kurumi) is a major antagonist in the Date A Live franchise and later becomes one of the main protagonists. She was introduced as the main antagonist in Date A Live volume 3-4 (the second half of season 1) and later becomes an anti-villain over the volumes of the novels.

Who does Kurumi end up with?

In the True End Timeline, Kurumi finally kisses Shido to seal her powers, entrusting him to stop Mio. Before going off to confront the First Spirit, Shido gives Kurumi another kiss as a show of gratitude, leading her to praise him for having become a very capable man.

How did Miku become Spirit?

As Miku contemplated suicide, Phantom appeared before her and turned her into a Spirit. Afterwards, she used her spirit powers, regained her lost voice, and debuted again using the name Miku Lily. She became famous due to her voice that is was known as 'sound anesthetic' and released several super popular tracks.


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