Who does Sailor Mercury love? (2024)

Who does Sailor Mercury love?

Princess Mercury

Naoko Takeuchi once drew her in the arms of Zoisite, but no further romantic link between them was established in the manga or the first anime adaptation. However, in Sailor Moon Crystal, it is clearly stated that Sailor Mercury and Zoisite were in love during the Silver Millennium.

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Who is Sailor Pluto's boyfriend?

In the manga and Crystal, Pluto's death scene vaguely implies a romantic interest in Endymion, though this is never explored again. In the Sailor Moon musicals, Sailor Pluto has an unrequited love for King Endymion.

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Who is Sailor V's love interest?

However, in Sailor V, a man by the name of Adonis fell for her. He would later be reincarnated as Danburite and lead the Dark Agency under Kunzite's command in the manga. In the last chapter of that series, Sailor V does fall for Kunzite.

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What is Sailor Mercury catchphrase?

I am Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water and repent!

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Is Sailor Uranus LGBT?

8 Haruka Tenoh is a Non-binary Lesbian

Haruka Tenoh, also known as Sailor Uranus, was considered a handsome boy by most of the main characters.

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Who is Uranus Sailor Moon girlfriend?

Sailor Uranus fights alongside her partner and lover Sailor Neptune. Sailor Uranus possesses powers associated with the wind and sky, precognition, as well as sword combat.

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Who is Sailor Jupiter lover?

Princess Jupiter

Naoko Takeuchi once drew her in the arms of Nephrite, but no further romantic link between them was established in the manga or the first anime adaptation. However, in Sailor Moon Crystal it is clearly stated that Sailor Jupiter and Nephrite were in love at the time of the Moon Kingdom.

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Who is Sailor Mars lover?

Princess Mars

Naoko Takeuchi once drew her in the arms of Jadeite. In the manga, he expresses at least a physical attraction to her, and in Sailor Moon Crystal and in the stage musicals it is clearly stated that Sailor Mars and Jadeite were in love at the time of the Moon Kingdom.

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Who is Sailor Mars crush?

Canon. After meeting Tuxedo Mask, who helped Rei out when she first awakened as Sailor Mars, she develops a bit of a crush on him. She begins to suspect that Mamoru looks like Tuxedo Mask, and mentions this multiple times to Usagi, but is shut down.

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Who is Sailor Venus boyfriend?

In Sailor Moon Crystal it is established that Sailor Venus and Kunzite were in love at the time of the Moon Kingdom. This is also stated in the stage musicals, as well as in the Another Story video game.

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Who is Kunzite's girlfriend in Sailor Moon?

In Sailor Moon Crystal, Kunzite turns off Tokyo's power to provoke Minako into attacking him. However, he flees with Mamoru and is rejoined by the other Four Kings of Heaven. In his past life, he was the love interest of Sailor Venus, a fact which Venus desperately tries to remind him of each time they face off.

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Who is Tuxedo Mask love interest?

Mamoru and Usagi share romantic feelings well before they discover their identities. Once they became a couple, they remain deeply devoted to each other and their love survives many trials.

Who does Sailor Mercury love? (2024)

What is Sailor Mercury's IQ?

Sailor Mercury is the most intelligent member of the Sailor Guardians by far, having been commented to have an IQ of over 300, which others believed was only due to her cram schooling.

Is Sailor Mercury the weakest?

Sailor Mercury is often deemed the weakest Sailor Guardian in Sailor Moon.

How old is Sailor Mercury?

Sailor Mercury is the most studios and responsible out of the inner scouts. She can often be found scolding them about doing their school work. Like the other Scouts, she is 14 at the start of the show as well. She is 5'2 and her birthday is on September 10, making her a Virgo.

Is Sailor Moon non Binary?

In the Sailor Moon manga, the Sailor Starlights appear androgynous in both their civilian and Sailor Guardian identities, effectively establishing them as non-binary individuals.

Is Sailor Moon a girl?

Usagi Tsukino (月野 うさぎ, Tsukino Usagi, called Serena Tsukino in the original English dub of the first anime adaptation) is the main protagonist of the series. Usagi is a careless fourteen-year-old girl with an enormous capacity for love, compassion, and understanding.

Is Sailor Pluto asexual?

Sailor Pluto got rid of her infatuation with King Endymion by removing the part of her mind that generated love and sexual attraction, rendering her asexual and aromantic. Because of this, her mind had access to more processing power and could run her powers more effectively, making her stronger.

Is Sailor Mars a girl?

Sailor Mars's stock introduction. Rei Hino (known as Raven "Raye" Hino in the DiC and Cloverway English dub) is one of the main protagonists of the Sailor Moon series. She is the reincarnation of the Princess of Mars and the civilian identity of Sailor Mars. Rei is a Shinto priestess who works at the Hikawa Shrine.

Who did Sailor Moon marry?

Sailor Moon (character)
Sailor Moon
NicknameBun/Dumpling Head
AffiliationSailor Guardians
FamilyQueen Serenity (mother; in past life) Ikuko Tsukino (mother) Kenji Tsukino (father) Shingo Tsukino (younger brother)
SpouseKing Endymion (husband)
9 more rows

Did Sailor Moon have a sister?

Kilala is Usagi's older sister and Queen Serenity's firstborn and older daughter. She is the crown princess of the Silver Millennium and the true sole heir before her sister. She is also known as Sailor Dark Moon.

Who is Nephrite's girlfriend?

Nephrite is a member of the sh*tennou. He was the Knight of Intelligence and Comfort in his past life as a knight of Prince Endymion. He is the lover of Sailor Jupiter.

Does artemis love minako?

Despite any possibly romantic feelings for Minako, his true love was Luna. In fact, in the Sailor V manga, he fell in love with a dog, mistaking it for Luna.

What gender is Sailor Saturn?

Character Information
Name:Sailor Saturn
Occupation:Sailor Senshi
11 more rows
Aug 7, 2023

Who is Sailor Neptune dating?

Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune's Romance

In both cases, the two are a couple of older teens who are engaged in an intimate romance.


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