What The Rock eats for breakfast? (2023)

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What does The Rock Dwayne Johnson eat for breakfast?

Well, I eat six meals a day [and they're all similar in terms of nutrients]. Breakfast consists of eggs, a meat like bison, a complex carb like oatmeal, and fruit, usually either papaya or blueberries. My second meal, around 10:00 A.m., usually consists of a chicken breast, a complex carb like rice, and some greens.

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How many eggs does The Rock eat for breakfast?

The Rock's Cheat Day Breakfast Includes 12 Eggs, 5 Biscuits, and a Whole Lot of Honey. If there is one thing that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is known for besides his rigorous dedication to his training regiment, it's how much he enjoys his cheat days.

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What does The Rock eat for his meals?

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Eats 10 Lbs. of Food Per Day, 821 Lbs. of Cod Per Year
Meal 110 oz. cod2 cups of oatmeal
Meal 38 oz. chicken1 cup of vegetables
Meal 48 oz. cod1 cup of vegetables
Meal 58 oz. steakSpinach salad
Meal 610 oz. codSalad
2 more rows

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What does The Rock eat in a day list?

Foods he eats

According to his Instagram and online interviews, on an average day, the Rock will eat 5–7 high protein meals, with cod, chicken, steak, eggs, and protein powder as his main protein sources.

How many eggs does The Rock eat per day?

It's a remarkable eating plan. The 42-year old actor consumes pounds of animal protein to maintain his immense bulk — his seven daily meals include a total of 2.3 pounds of cod and 12 eggs, plus steak and chicken — but he also manages to eat two potatoes, some vegetables, rice, and so on.

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What kind of oatmeal does The Rock eat?

For his drink of choice, Johnson prefers watered-down brown rice oatmeal to get that extra kick of carbs. “It's all for the cause,” he continued. “The goal is to raise the bar with Black Adam, and set a new standard and paradigm with how it's done…

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Does Dwayne Johnson eat oatmeal?

The Rock eats 6 meals a day, starting with a breakfast of bison, oatmeal, and papaya. Dwayne Johnson said his meal routine includes tons of protein, complex carbs, and greens. He eats similar foods for months at a time, which is "very boring" but helps fuel his training.

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Does The Rock eat peanut butter?

The Jungle Cruise star, 49, gave an inside look into his hearty diet in an Instagram post on Sunday. While watching a "6am Sunday morning Hawaiian sunrise," Johnson munched on a full plate packed with sirloin steak, egg whites, oatmeal, papaya and peanut butter and jelly English muffins.

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Is 6 eggs a good breakfast?

Six eggs a day is a hell of a lot, no matter how you cut it. An egg has 187 mg of cholesterol, and the recommended limit is 300 mg per day—or only 200 mg if you have diabetes or risk factors for heart disease. “You can definitely go with with one egg a day,” says Maxine Smith, R.D., L.D.

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What does The Rock eat for breakfast lunch and dinner?

For breakfast, Dwayne typically enjoys cream of rice or oatmeal with buffalo and eggs. After working out, he'll reach for a quick carb like rice or sweet potatoes with protein. Throughout the day he snacks on rice, chicken, greens, and fish (cod or salmon...even though he admittedly hates salmon).

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What cereal does The Rock eat?

According to the Guinness World Records guidelines, the cereal boxes used need to be commercially available and cannot be tampered with or altered in any way. (The Rock used national brands like Coco Puffs and Honey Bunches of Oats to reach his record.)

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How many pancakes does The Rock eat for breakfast?

12 Pancakes, 4 Pizzas and 21 Brownies

Yup. You read that right. After 172 days of a “strict & intense 7 meals a day diet” for the titular role of Hercules, The Rock indulged in a (as in singular, one) cheat meal to end all cheat meals.

What The Rock eats for breakfast? (2023)
What does The Rock eat before a morning workout?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shared the pre-workout foods he eats before leg day in the gym. The breakfast includes a lot of protein, like eggs, steak and peanut butter. Eating protein before workouts can help build muscle.

How many meals does Dwayne Johnson eat?

He says on a daily basis he eats anywhere from five to seven meals. These meals can vary throughout the week but often use the same ingredients or food groups. For breakfast, Dwayne typically enjoys cream of rice or oatmeal with buffalo and eggs.

What's the best cheat meal?

The Best Cheat Meal Ideas for Your Cheat Day
  • 15 Healthy Cheat Meals & Snack Ideas. From pizza to milkshakes, these cheat foods surprisingly have a rich nutrient profile and can lead to some impressive health benefits!
  • Pancakes. ...
  • Burgers. ...
  • French Fries. ...
  • Milkshakes. ...
  • Pizza. ...
  • Pulled Pork. ...
  • Loaded Baked Potato.
Jan 2, 2020

How many hours of sleep does Dwayne Johnson get?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is so productive that it seems like he doesn't sleep. As it turns out, he doesn't. The actor and former WWE wrestling star told Variety that he gets just three to five hours a night. “The only thing that's regimented is I have to wake up before the sun gets up," he said.

Does The Rock eat bread?

His go-to cheat meal is a loaded cheeseburger, complete with avocado and bacon, along with French fries. The Rock also has a sweet tooth which he indulges on cheat days with cookies, coffee cake, or apple fritter bread.

What does eating 12 eggs a day do?

It's a surprisingly quick way to lose weight, but there are some serious side effects. In addition to being a great, keto-friendly source of protein, eggs also contain amino acids essential to human nutrition and have been linked to decreased blood pressure and increased testosterone in men.

What is the best oatmeal to eat everyday?

A Ranking of the 5 Healthiest Oatmeals
  • Nature's Path Organic Hot Oatmeal: Original. ...
  • Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Oatmeal. ...
  • Qi'a Superfood Chia, Buckwheat, & Hemp Cereal. ...
  • McCann's Quick & Easy Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal. ...
  • Wildway Grain-Free Instant Hot Cereal. ...
  • Oat Groats. ...
  • Steel Cut Oats. ...
  • Scottish Oats.
Nov 21, 2022

What does eating a bowl of oatmeal do to your body?

Oats are incredibly good for you

Benefits include lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, protection against skin irritation, and reduced constipation. In addition, they are very filling and have many properties that should make them a food helpful for weight loss.

What kind of pancakes does The Rock eat?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson knows his food! His famous coconut banana pancakes are packed with protein and good fats! And what's more, they are absolutely delicious - a great way to start your day right!

Does The Rock eat junk food?

“It can't just can't be a normal, like, 'Hey, let's go have some burgers and fries, it's a nice cheat meal,'” the actor, 44, explains. “No, no, no. With me, for whatever reason, I have to, what's that word, uh gluttony.

What does The Rock eat at night?

At this point, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's cheat meals are the stuff of legend. The actor works hard and trains hard—while drinking a lot of water—but he also indulges hard. His Sunday night cheat meals often include massive amounts of sushi, cookies the size of a small child's head, and double-shots of tequila.

Is spaghetti a cheat meal?

Spaghetti and meatballs is one of our favorites because it's carb and protein dense and contains a small amount of fat. It hits all of your macros–which is one of the goals in choosing a “good” cheat meal.

Are hard-boiled eggs good for you?

Hard-boiled eggs are an excellent source of lean protein. They'll fill you up without packing in too many calories, which is helpful if you want to lose weight. The protein in hard-boiled eggs also works alongside vitamin D to promote prenatal development.

Are fried eggs healthy?

Just like eggs cooked in other ways, fried eggs are rich in nutrients and can contribute towards a healthy diet when eaten as part of a balanced meal.

How many eggs is too much?

Most healthy people can eat up to seven eggs a week without affecting their heart health. Some choose to eat only the egg white and not the yolk, which provides some protein without the cholesterol.

What is the Rocks morning routine?

Johnson starts off his day with morning cardio, he'll jog outside or get on the elliptical cross trainer for 30 to 50 minutes after having his coffee. After that he'll have his breakfast. Diet-wise, I generally eat five meals a day. I'm very prepared and organized, and everything is planned out in advance.

Is pancake a cheat meal?


If you're craving a morning treat on your next cheat day, flipping a batch of pancakes is an excellent choice.

What is a full stack of pancakes?

Here's what you need to know about this diner favorite.

At IHOP, the popular pancake chain that offers away a free short stack of pancakes on their National Pancake Day every year, a short stack is always a serving of three fluffy pancakes, while a full stack is five.

What food is best to eat with empty stomach in morning before workout?

Before your morning workout, fuel your body with whole, minimally processed carbohydrate and protein foods such as:
  • oatmeal.
  • whole grain toast.
  • fruit.
  • beef jerky.
  • eggs.
  • milk.

What is the best thing to eat before a workout in the morning?

If you plan to exercise within an hour after breakfast, eat a light breakfast or drink something such as a sports drink. Focus on carbohydrates for maximum energy. Good breakfast options include: Whole-grain cereals or bread.

What should I eat in the morning for energy before a workout?

7 best pre-workout foods
  • Oatmeal. ...
  • Brown rice with chicken. ...
  • Protein shakes. ...
  • Bananas. ...
  • Peanut butter sandwich/Bagel with honey. ...
  • Energy/Granola bars. ...
  • Yoghurt Curds or dahi contain calcium and proteins and a bit of natural sugar present in small quantities.
Nov 15, 2017

Is pizza okay on a cheat day?

For many people following low calorie diets, “cheat meals” are a must. A cheat meal is essentially one planned meal (or meal deviation) a week where you can eat anything you want that you wouldn't normally eat as part of your diet — pizza, burger and fries, tacos, whatever you have a hankering for.

What is a clean cheat meal?

A clean cheat would be foods like sushi, steak, and baked potatoes, which are higher in calories but also contain a variety of beneficial micronutrients.

Is popcorn a cheat meal?

It is the perfect healthy snack because it's low in calories and fat, as well as high in fiber and vitamins. However, if you're having a cheat day and want to splurge on popcorn with delicious toppings, check out our flavors - America's Favorite Gourmet Popcorn!

What is The Rock's morning routine?

Johnson starts off his day with morning cardio, he'll jog outside or get on the elliptical cross trainer for 30 to 50 minutes after having his coffee. After that he'll have his breakfast. Diet-wise, I generally eat five meals a day. I'm very prepared and organized, and everything is planned out in advance.

Does The Rock eat eggs?

Following on from a late-night workout where he absolutely lit up his triceps with a series of chained dips, Johnson indulged in a giant cheat day breakfast on Sunday morning, sharing his plate on Instagram: no fewer than 12 whole eggs and 5 large biscuits, which he proceeds to drown in honey.

How many hours do rock sleep?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is so productive that it seems like he doesn't sleep. As it turns out, he doesn't. The actor and former WWE wrestling star told Variety that he gets just three to five hours a night.

How many hours of sleep does Dwayne get?

Johnson has an insane work ethic — something he inherited from his father — and famously starts his day when most people are still in bed. Even though he starts early, he only gets around three to five hours of sleep each night.

Does The Rock take 3 showers a day?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson said he showered three times a day, exfoliating and singing each time. Johnson joined the conversation after Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis said they didn't bathe often. A doctor told Insider that a routine like Johnson's could dry out the skin.

Does The Rock eat hamburgers?

"This is history in the making," the Jumanji star said in a video of the meal he shared with his followers on Instagram for his latest 'cheat meal Sunday'. In the clip, which you can watch above, he showed off two serves of fries alongside two 'double, double' burgers, which he ultimately gave his tick of approval.

What bread does The Rock eat?

The Rock said it himself, describing it as a “personal recipe brioche french toast smuuuthaad with peanut butter and syrup.”

Does The Rock eat bacon?

After a standard cheat meal of two bacon cheeseburgers, fries and a double shot of tequila, the actor squashed his sweet tooth with what he dubs a “midnight sugar train:” blondies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate cookies and a big ol' slice of cheesecake.

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