How do you get the why badge in slap battles? (2024)

Why is there a badge in slap battles?

In Slap Battles, badges can be achieved through all sorts of ways, but most of them are very hard or time consuming, like “250” or “You met the owner,” while others may be easier, such as “ez” and “court evidence.” Some badges can be absolutely luck based, like “short fuse” and “evaded,” Badges can serve no purpose, ...

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How do you get the cheeky badge in slap battles?


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How do you get infected badge in slap battles?

For this glove, you need the Infected badge. All you need to do for the badge is get slapped by someone using the Plague glove. This is a glove that you must get from someone who owns it like Bus and some other badges. However, this one might be the most effortless one to get due to the abysmally easy requirements.


What does the plate do in slap battles?

The Plate is a flying plate that emits yellow particles and circles around the Normal Arena, it contains a sign with messages listed below which changes every rotation the plate makes, and plays the Bloons TD 5 Main Theme.

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Is Bob still obtainable slap battles?

Bob is one of the rarest gloves in the Roblox Slap Battles universe. Unlike other gloves that can be purchased using the in-game currency, Slaps, the only way to get the Bob glove is to obtain the Bob Badge.

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What are the chances of getting Bob glove?

The chance to get Bob's glove is 1/7500, or ~ 0.013%. The origin of bob's face Tencelll has stated that this will be the rarest glove in the game in terms of chances.

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How do you get phase glove?

Phase Glove Showcase & How to get Phase Glove | Roblox Slap Battles

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What does the cheeky glove do?

Majority of players using this glove use it for trolling by bumping into people and knocking them off edges. Gloves like God's Hand can easily knock this ball out of the map, but you can counter this by using your ability after you get slapped if you are not in the ball yet.

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What is the slap battles group called?

Tencell's "Slap Battles"

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How do you buy gloves in Slap battles?

  1. Gamepass gloves can only be obtained by purchasing a specific gamepass. Those gloves are: ...
  2. Hidden Gloves aren't located in stands, instead, located on other locations. Those are: ...
  3. Only obtained by being an staff/admin or having an admin give it temporarily to you. ...
  4. These are the gloves only usable in Slap Royale.

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How do you get a killstreak glove in Slap battles?

To get them, dodge the orbiting gloves and slap them. This will remove their orbiting gloves and you can take them out easily.



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