Can Madara beat Tsunade? (2023)

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Can Madara beat Tsunade?

5 Madara Has Already Defeated Tsunade

By herself, attempting to fight him would be a disaster. Although Tsunade may be strong enough to crack susanoo, Madara can create so many clones that her efforts would be insignificant.

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Who is strong enough to beat Madara?

During his lifetime there was only one character who could defeat Madara and that happened to be Hashirama. He was so powerful that later in life Madara went on to implant Hashirama's cells in his body to gain more powers which led to his Rinnegan awakening.

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Can Boruto beat Madara?

Madara was great during his youth, able to keep up with Hashirama Senju (The First Hokage) and do major damage with his Susanoo. At the height of his power, he was able to slaughter entire groups of ninja, take on the Kage, and slice the tops of mountains off! Alone, Boruto wouldn't stand much of a chance.

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Can the 5 Kage beat Madara?

If Madara Uchiha was alive, could the Five Kage have defeated him? If Madara wasn't an Edo Tensei then yes they could have killed him. All it would take is Madara making a mistake or underestimating their power and leaving an opening they could exploit.

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Can Madara beat Kakashi?

Madara Uchiha is among the most powerful shinobi to have ever lived, and his power only increased when he attained the power of the Sage of the Six Paths. He was able to fend off both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha for a time in this form, and Kakashi Hatake would likely be unable to subdue Madara on his own.

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Can Itachi beat Tsunade?

As a member of the Legendary Sannin, there's no denying that Tsunade Senju is strong, but in comparison to Itachi, her strength withers away.

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Can Naruto defeat all Kage?

Furthermore, just like Sasuke, Naruto met Hagoromo Otsutsuki and gained access to half his powers. With the Six Paths Sage Mode, he was strong enough to fight Madara Uchiha and even hold his own against Kaguya Otsutsuki. Undoubtedly, he was strong enough to take on all the Five Kage by himself.

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Who is Madara's 1st strongest opponent?

The biggest rival of Madara Uchiha, Hashirama was the First Hokage of Konohagakure. Having grown up together, the two shared quite a great bond with each other, however, it worsened over time. They fought several times throughout their lifetime and Hashirama is known to have won most of them.

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Can Madara beat all Akatsuki?

Madara was powerful enough to defeat the entire shinobi alliance by himself and even defeat the 9 Tailed Beasts. For him, defeating the Akatsuki is nothing more than child's play.

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Can Hinata beat Madara?

People seriously underestimate Hinata when they say Madara even stands the slightest of a chance against her, like WHY??? I know you Madara fanboys really love him and he's really strong, but he stands absolutely no chance against Hinata the Byakugan Princess.

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Who can beat Naruto without Kurama?

Even though Boruto's body isn't fully Otsutsukified, Momoshiki Otsutsuki remains far stronger than Naruto without the aid of Kurama.

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Who killed Madara the first time?

Madara is believed to have been killed by Hashirama's hand, but he survives and goes into hiding. He awakens the legendary Eye Technique Rinnegan using Hashirama's DNA. Before dying, Madara takes Obito as his agent and transplants his Rinnegan into Nagato to be preserved for his eventual revival years later.

Can Madara beat Tsunade? (2023)
Can guy defeat Madara without 10 tails?

Madara himself admitted that Guy would have killed him if he had not been the 10-Tails' Jinchuriki at the time. If guy almost took out Madara when he was basically a god, he could have easily defeated him in his prime.

Is tsunade the weakest Kage?

Tsunade Senju, the Fifth Hokage, was certainly one of the weaker ones as she went on to become the Hokage way past her prime and her strength was generally not comparable to the other Kage. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Tsunade wasn't even the strongest Kage with the likes of Ay and Onoki being considered stronger.

Can Madara beat Jiraiya?

Infact madara became more stronger (due to hashirama's cells ) when he was reanimated . On top of this madara had rinnegan and he also became jinchuriki of 10 tails. Even hashirama was helpless in this situation and got defeated by madara. From this its easy to conclude that even jiraiya cannot defeat madara.

Can Obito beat jiraiya?

Obito's Ability To Phase Through Anything Would Be Too Difficult For Jiraiya To Handle. Obito was able to phase through anything, possessing reflexes to obviate Minato. This is profoundly impressive considering that the Fourth Hokage was considered by many to be the fastest ninja to have ever lived.

Can Tobi beat Kakashi?

However, the two are willing to end each other to achieve their respective goals. Ultimately, the battle is a stalemate and a true testament to Obito's strength. Kakashi is one of the strongest characters by the end of the manga and the show, but Obito is definitely his equal.

Can Pain beat Tsunade?

In terms of raw strength, Tsunade is superior to both Jiraiya and Orochimaru, however, she falls short when it came to other aspects of a shinobi. While she is strong, without a doubt, she would've been easy for Pain to take down in battle.

Can Jiraiya beat Tsunade?

Tsunade's raw power is terrifying and Jiraiya has been on the receiving end of her wrath. However, the Pervy Sage can beat her in battle. It's true that Tsunade has Strength of a Hundred jutsu, which gives her temporary invincibility.

Can Minato beat Tsunade?

Minato will destroy Tsunade. We have a classic debate of speed vs. power here. The thing is, Minato is one of the fastest shinobi in history.

Is Naruto A Kage level?

His power only kept increasing and by the end of the war, Naruto was far stronger than any Kage who ever lived.

Is Naruto the weakest Kage now?

Naruto Uzumaki is the strongest shinobi in the series to ever exist and the only one who is equal to him right now is Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto is the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure and he's protected not only the village but the entire shinobi world from danger multiple times.

Is Naruto powerful without Kurama?

Although Naruto usually uses the Six Paths' Sage Mode along with the Kurama Chakra Mode, there is no reason he cannot use it without Kurama's strength. In fact, Naruto can still use the basic Sage Mode, which is enough for him to take down a roster of enemies.

Who almost killed Madara?

Using the Eight Inner Gates, Guy was able to overwhelm Madara in a fight, not giving him even an inch. In fact, he nearly killed Madara with his Night Guy technique. Unfortunately, the toll that the Eight Inner Gates take on Guy's body is way too much for him to use this technique for long, and thus, it fell short.

Who is the god of Uchiha?

Who is the god of Uchiha? Indra Otsutsuki is revealed to be the creator/ founder of the renowned Uchiha Clan in Naruto. He was the eldest son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki (The Sage of Six Paths) and the elder brother of Ashura Otsutsuki.

Who is the god of genjutsu?

1 Kaguya Otsutsuki

She wields the Rinne-Sharingan, which is needed to cast the strongest Genjutsu in the entire series. With her Rinne-Sharingan, Kaguya can cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi over the entire world.

Can Obito beat Madara?

Like Obito, he became the 10 Tails Jinchūriki in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Madara was much stronger than Obito to begin with, and the fact that his version of the Ten-tails was perfect made him even stronger. When compared to Madara, Obito stands absolutely no chance.

Who is stronger Sasuke or Madara?

It is easy to see that Sasuke supplants Madara in every category except for chakra reserves as the latter was the jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails. However, Sasuke is far ahead in all the other categories. Consequently, Sasuke is undoubtedly the strongest Uchiha in Naruto.

Can Naruto beat Madara alone?

It depends. Naruto could have beaten him in his earthly life, but not when he was in his empowered state. Only Sasuke or Obito would have stood a chance at that point because only they could see Madara's Limbo.

Can Madara beat Sakura?

1 CAN'T BEAT: Madara Uchiha

To defeat such a character, one would have to possess the powers of a God itself. Unfortunately for Sakura, she doesn't have any such power. Her strength pales in comparison to Madara's, and so does everything else about her.

Can Naruto beat Madara without Kurama?

Although Naruto lost Kurama, his Six Paths Powers should still be accessible to him. In Naruto's fight against Madara, he displayed the ability to use Six Paths Sage Mode without tapping into the power of the chakra cloak. The Six Paths chakra should be enough to keep him going for a few years.

Who would win Goku or Madara?

Goku would win no doubt. Even as a die-hard Naruto fan, Madara would have less than a 0.1% chance of victory, he would be lucky to even land a hit or scratch Goku. However, if genjutsu does affect DBZ characters, then Goku is in trouble because once he locks eyes with Madara, it's as good as over.

Can Naruto use Sage of Six Paths?

Upon returning to consciousness, Naruto had gained the incredible ability of the Six Paths Sage Mode. To put it simply, the Six Paths Sage Mode is a power that Hagoromo Otsutsuki gifted to him for having a strong will and the guts to never give up.

Can code beat Naruto?

While Naruto certainly cannot defeat Code as he is and, in an extended combat, would most certainly die, he can still take him on in battle and impress.

Is Naruto weaker than Sasuke without Kurama?

At best, Sasuke might be slightly stronger than Naruto without Kurama. However, in the worst case scenario, he might be substantially weaker than the Seventh Hokage. A fair comparison can only be made once both these characters display their true strength after the loss of Kurama and Rinnegan in the Boruto series.

At what age Madara died?

He Lived To Be 120 Before First Official Death

Madara's long life was extended by the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, but his reasons for living longer were what allowed him to achieve the age of 120 before dying.

Did Madara died of old age?

While most believed that Madara had died during that cataclysmic battle, in reality however, he had simply faked his death and had gone into hiding till he naturally died of old age. Delving deeper into the details of the event reveals how Madara was able to slyly cheat death.

Who killed Tobi?

Tobi did this so he could be with Rin Nohara again in dreams, and went to extreme lengths to make it happen. After seeing the error of his ways, however, he helped Naruto and Sasuke stop Madara and Kaguya, and he died while saving Kakashi from one of Kaguya's All-Killing Ash Bones.

What is Madara's strongest form?

Madara Uchiha was a legendary member of the Uchiha clan and what made him the strongest was his transformation into the 10 Tails Jinchuriki. Madara ascended to this form during the 4th Great Ninja War and reached his pinnacle as a Shinobi. He had the power of two Rinnegan, the Rinne Sharingan, and the Six Paths Jutsu.

Can Madara use Sage Mode?

Madara was one of the main antagonists of the Fourth Great Ninja War, and he showcased a whole new level of skill there. Using his Rinnegan, he absorbed Hashirama Senju's Senjutsu chakra and attained the power of Sage Mode. Later on, he became the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki and gained access to Six Paths Senjutsu as well.

What is Madara's fire style?

Majestic Destroyer Flame arguably represents Madara's best Fire Release jutsu. Madara unleashes this jutsu against the fourth division of the Shinobi Alliance. Madara's Majestic Destroyer Flame is so strong it requires multiple Water Release users of the Shinobi Alliance to counter it.

Who is the weakest boy in Naruto?

10 Weakest Naruto Characters With The Strongest Jutsu
  • 9 Kiba Inuzuka. Inuzuka Style: Man-Beast Team Transformation Combo: Three-Headed Wolf. ...
  • 8 Black Zetsu. All-Killing Ash Bones. ...
  • 7 Konohamaru. Rasengan. ...
  • 6 Hinata Hyuga. Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists. ...
  • 5 Hidan. Jashin Curse. ...
  • 4 Shino Aburame. ...
  • 3 Karin. ...
  • 1 Might Duy.
May 7, 2023

Who is the youngest Hokage in Naruto?

Hiruzen Sarutobi is the youngest Hokage to live in Naruto. He became the Hokage in the First Great Ninja War when Tobirama passed on this position to him, after setting himself up as a decoy. Hiruzen graduated from the academy at 12 years of age and, shortly after, the kids were sent off to fight in the war.

Is Kakashi useless without Sharingan?

However, Kakashi was shown to be a ninja prodigy even before he gained the Sharingan, meaning the statement of Kakashi being weaker without the Sharingan is an unjust assumption. Analyzing his current skills and achievements reveals how strong he truly is, even without the visual jutsu.

Who is better than Tsunade?

4 Stronger: Madara Uchiha

He was someone worthy of rivaling Hashirama Senju in battle and could even fight multiple Tailed Beasts at once. Madara could clash against the Five Kage and win, despite being weaker due to the limitations of the Edo Tensei. Undoubtedly, he was stronger than Tsunade Senju.

Who is the 3rd weakest Hokage?

With that in mind, we've revisited this article to shed some light on a few more of the strongest and weakest among them.
  1. 1 WEAKEST: Yagura Karatachi (Fourth Mizukage)
  2. 2 STRONGEST: Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage) ...
  3. 3 WEAKEST: Onoki (Third Tsuchikage) ...
  4. 4 STRONGEST: Hashirama Senju (First Hokage) ...
Aug 28, 2020

Who is stronger Tsunade or Madara?

He was said to be even stronger than Madara Uchiha himself, which just goes to show that Tsunade stood absolutely no chance in front of her grandfather.

Can Tsunade beat Kakashi?

Bro kakashi would win . Tsunade would win until pain Arc (debatably.) this is only because of her regeneration.

Who could Tsunade beat?

However, the shadow possession failed against Fujin and Raijin, with Tsunade proving stronger than either of them. Therefore, even if Shikamaru manages to bind Tsunade, she could use her physical prowess in order to break free and defeat him in a single punch.

Can Jiraiya beat Madara?

The Answer is NO! Jiraiya is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in the series but still he can't defeat Uchiha Madara. Madara is on a whole different level and is the most powerful Uchiha ever alongside Sasuke!

Is Obito stronger than Tsunade?

Obito, who, in his Six Paths form, was much stronger, was levels above Tsunade.

Who is more powerful than Jiraiya?

6 Obito. Obito's "Kamui" was able to make him completely intangible, eliminating Jiraiya's ability to inflict meaningful harm. He used it so proficiently that even Minato (the village's fastest shinobi and the venerated "Yellow Flash") struggled to do any damage.

Who is strongest Madara or Minato?

1. Zydrunas Savickas – Powerlifter, Strongman. In our opinion, he's the strongest man of all time.

Who is the weakest Hokage?

Kakashi had already lost his Sharingan at this point and this weakened him quite a bit. With Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage, being considered the strongest of all time, it is quite clear that the weakest of all Hokage is one of Kakashi Hatake and Tsunade Senju.

Can Hokage Kakashi beat Itachi?

Kakashi does battle Itachi early in the series. Itachi ends up trapping him in a genjutsu and draining Kakashi. The contest basically ends up in a loss for Kakashi, but that is somewhat debatable. Still, Itachi shows more control over his Sharingan and the ability to match Kakashi.

Can Goku beat Tsunade?

Tsunade's punches may be strong, but Goku's are far stronger. Furthermore, her Mitotic Regeneration would mean nothing if he hit her with a Kamehameha.

Can pain beat Tsunade?

In terms of raw strength, Tsunade is superior to both Jiraiya and Orochimaru, however, she falls short when it came to other aspects of a shinobi. While she is strong, without a doubt, she would've been easy for Pain to take down in battle.

Who is stronger Hinata or Tsunade?

Hinata can hold her own against Tsunade, but the latter's battle experience and Ninjutsu prowess far outweigh those of any other Kunoichi in Naruto.

Who can destroy Madara?

Hashirama Senju, aka the First Hokage, was the only one who could ever beat Madara Uchiha in life. In death and resurrection, Madara gained access to powers he could never gain in life. However, the First Hokage did famously beat Madara in a duel at the Final Valley and seemingly killed Madara.

Can Sasuke beat Madara alone?

While Sasuke did master the power of Rinnegan for over a decade, Madara was always a far greater Shinobi in terms of using his Jutsus. Hence, Sasuke in his prime will have no chance of soloing Madara in his prime.

Can Obito defeat Naruto?

Obito becomes the Ten-Tails host but is defeated by Naruto and Sasuke with the support of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

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