Baroda rayon share price hindi? (2024)

Is it good to invest in Baroda rayon?

The Price Trend analysis by MoneyWorks4Me indicates it is Weak which suggest that the price of Baroda Rayon Corporation Ltd is likely to Fall in the short term. However, please check the rating on Quality and Valuation before investing.

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What is the share price of Bob rayon?

undefined share price is ₹167.80 as of 5 Apr '23.

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What is the target of Baroda rayon share?

Baroda Rayon 500270 share price targets for April month are 203.67 on upside & 201.03 on downside
Upside Price target222.44
Upside Price target211.57
Upside Price target203.67
Downside Price target201.03
Downside Price target27.73
7 more rows

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What is the share price target for Baroda rayon in 2030?

अगर हम Baroda Rayon Corporation Ltd Share Price Target 2030 in Hindi की बात करें तो 2030 का इसका पहला टारगेट हो सकता है 1200 रुपए और दूसरा टारगेट हो सकता है 1350 रुपए के आसपास।


What happened to Baroda rayon?

With the abolition of the Managing Agency system, the subscribers of the Memorandum and Articles of Association were no more connected with the Company and Lt. Col. Fatehsinghrao Gaekwad (former Maharaja of Baroda State) had taken over management of the Company with the team of professionals to run the company.


Is Baroda Mutual Fund safe?

The Mutual Fund schemes offered by Baroda Pioneer are among the more safe category. Schemes offer greater safety of returns and good risk management.

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Who owns Baroda rayon?

Baroda Rayon Corporation Ltd (BARODARAYN) - Company Information
Chairman & Managing Director :Damodarbhai B Patel
Company Sec. & Compli. Officer :Kunjal Sawan Desai
Director :Vidhya V Bhavani
Director :Viral Bhavani
11 more rows

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Which penny stocks to buy today?

Penny Stocks To Buy Today
Company NameLTP% Change
Bank of Maharashtra27.85-1.07
Central Bank of India26.3-2.41
Indian Railway Finance Corporation28.05-0.53
1 more row

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What are the products of Baroda Rayon Company?

Range Of Product
Carbon Disulphite (CS2) Plant19623960 MT/PA
Sulphuric Acid197821600 MT/PA
Nylon Yarn19766000 MT/PA
Polyester Yarn197619000 MT/PA
2 more rows

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What is the history of Baroda rayon?

The Company was incorporated on 30th May 1958, at Mumbai. It manufactures viscose filament rayon yarn, sulphuric acid, carbon-di-sulphide, anhydrous sodium sulphate, nylon yarn, etc. The Company uses the trade name "SNIALON" for its nylon yarn. collaboration agreement with Snia Viscose SPA of Italy.

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Can we buy Raj Rayon shares?

How to Buy Raj Rayon Inds Share? You can easily buy Raj Rayon Inds shares in Groww by creating a demat account and getting the KYC documents verified online.

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What is the new target Bank of Baroda?

As on 6th Apr 2023 BANKBARODA SHARE Price closed @ 166.90 and we RECOMMEND Buy for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 141.34 & Buy for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 166.26 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.
BANKBARODA Important Levels Intraday.
5 more rows

Baroda rayon share price hindi? (2024)

Which share will increase in 5 years?

Highest returns in 5 year
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
6.Patanjali Foods950.50
7.SG Finserve534.80
8.Orchid Pharma386.70
9.Waaree Renewab.911.25
19 more rows

Which share will increase in next 5 years?

Growth stocks for next 5 years
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
1.Brightcom Group12.57
2.Fineotex Chem246.10
3.Oil India255.25
4.R Systems Intl.257.10
23 more rows

What is the price target of Bob in 2025?

Bank of Baroda Share Price Target 2025 is 429.95 INR.

What is the open offer price of Baroda rayon?

Offer Price An offer price of ₹9.80/- (Rupees Nine and Eighty Paise Only) per Offer Shares.

What is the old name of Baroda rayon Corporation Ltd?

The Company uses the trade name SNIALON for its nylon yarn. 1973 - Consequent upon the merger of Gujarat Polyamides Ltd., the Company acquired their nylon yarn plant along with the collaboration agreement with Snia Viscose SPA of Italy.

What is the capital reduction ratio of Baroda rayon?

407.63 lacs consisting of 40,76,359 equity shares of Rs. 10/- each by way of reduction of share capital by 90%.

Which Baroda mutual fund is best?

Best Baroda Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest in 2023
Fund nameAUM3Y Returns
Baroda ELSS 96 Plan A (G)₹201.10 Cr16.3%
Baroda Conservative Hybrid Fund Plan A (G)₹29.48 Cr9%
Baroda Hybrid Equity Fund Plan A (G)₹373.78 Cr14%
Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund Plan A (G)₹18.32 Cr2.8%
3 more rows

Are mutual funds 100% safe?

Mutual funds are largely a safe investment, seen as being a good way for investors to diversify with minimal risk. But there are circumstances in which a mutual fund is not a good choice for a market participant, especially when it comes to fees.

What is the safest mutual fund?

Money market mutual funds = lowest returns, lowest risk

They are considered one of the safest investments you can make. Money market funds are used by investors who want to protect their retirement savings but still earn some interest — often between 1% and 3% a year. (Learn more about money market funds.)

Who is the share transfer agent of Baroda rayon Corporation Ltd?

The Company has informed the physical shareholders to furnish their PAN KYC and nomination details to the Registrar & Transfer Agent of the company i.e. Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd.

What is Barodary?

About BARODARY. Baroda Rayon Corporation. The principal activities of the Company are the manufacture and sale of nylon tyre cord yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, viscose filament yarn and other items like sulphuric acid, carbon disulphide and sodium sulphate. The Company has plant in Surat, India.

Which are the best 2 penny stocks?

Penny stock below 2 rs
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
1.BCL Enterprises1.41
2.CNI Research1.86
3.Abhinav Leasing1.86
4.Adcon Capital1.83
23 more rows

Which penny stock will grow in 2023 in India?

Good Penny Stocks 2023
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
1.Shyam Century17.82
2.Galactico Corpo.8.04
3.Seacoast Ship.3.50
4.Veeram Securit.9.90
18 more rows


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